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waboxapp - WhatsApp API

Install waboxapp
Google Chrome extension

You can install it directly from the waboxapp extension for Google Chrome. When the extension is installed you will see the waboxapp icon at the top of your Chrome browser.

When the extension is installed you will see the waboxapp icon at the top of your Chrome browser. Configure with your waboxapp API Token and done!

  • You always have control over your WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business accounts
  • You can integrate multiple WhatsApp accounts
Start a WhatsApp web session

Start a session of
WhatsApp web

Browse to WhatsApp Web and follow the instructions to connect the phone you want to link to your waboxapp account.

You are responsible for keeping your computer and your phone connected. You can take your phone with you and continue to enjoy integration with waboxapp!!

  • Your WhatsApp and waboxapp are synchronized
  • You can disconnect your account whenever you want
Integrate waboxapp WhatsApp API

WhatsApp thought waboxapp

You can integrate WhatsApp with your own systems and solutions or enable some of the APPs that we offer.

You can integrate WhatsApp with Slack, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Shopify and many more with just a few clicks.

  • WhatsApp integration easy and real time
  • With waboxapp and your talent, there are no limits!
Send WhatsApp messages

Start sending and receiving
automated WhatsApp messages

With waboxapp your imagination is the limit. Now your APPs will be able to comunicate via WhatsApp with magic ease.

Create your own solutions or setup any of our APPs to link your WhatsApp account with your favortite services.

  • Afordable costs, pay per use, check our pricing
  • You just take care of WhatsApp web, we do the rest
WhatsApp API

Integrate WhatsApp
with your favorite services

With waboxapp you can integrate all your WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business accounts with your own systems in no time.

We have APPs so you can also integrate WhatsApp with your favorite services with just few clicks.

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Integrate WhatsApp

Build for

With waboxapp it's very easy to integrate WhatsApp any way you want. You can send messages through the waboxapp API and with the webhooks you will be notified of any event in real time.

In your account you will find a Sandbox with which you can test your integrations before deploying. You will see how easy it is to integrate WhatsApp via waboxapp!

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Keep your
accounts safe

waboxapp integrates with your WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business accounts communicating with your phone.

Any other way to integrate WhatsApp is a big risk and you would have a chance of getting your WhatsApp accounts blocked.

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Main key points

Build for developers

Use waboxapp WhatsApp API to interact with WhatsApp using any programming language.

Safe and secure

We apply industry standard protocols to protect your privacy and security.

Your account, your data

All messages exchanged are exclusively yours.

Full account control

Switch on and off waboxapp when you want. Just close the WhatsApp web session.

Are you ready to give it a try?

Our pricing is volume-based, so you can start testing now with no cost, of course! ;)

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